Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sweetie Pie Freebie

Happy April Fool's Day!!!  Do you have any fun pranks planned?? I'm a SAHM/WAHM, so I don't really have anyone to prank, and it's super hard to pull one over on my husband, so I just never even try anymore. Lol!

With the start of a new month, there is a new color palette being released for the Lovely Colors at With Love Studio.  Hat of Bunny is one of the designers I get to work with that has a shop at WLS, so I got to play with her portion early.  I LOVE it!  Love the colors, love everything about it.  I went ahead and put together a cute frame freebie for everyone that I hope you all love!

Here's the preview of her kit available at With Love Studio:

And, here's my fun freebie:
(Image is linked for easy download)
Thanks and have a great April 1st!

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