Thursday, September 4, 2014

At the Store FREEBIE!

This week one of my favorite kits of all time is being released!! It's called "At the Store" by Hat of Bunny, and it's related to grocery shopping (duh! Lol).  I'm a big couponer.  Or, I like to think I am, anyway.  haha  Anyway, I made a fun layout displaying some of my awesome finds when I've been out grocery shopping, and I loved it so much I just turned it in to a quick page!

Here's the kit that was used to make this QP:

(image is linked for easy shopping)

Here's my page I made.  As you can see I left a lot of white space, so you can do whatever you like with it. :)  I, personally, wanted to journal all about my shopping trips!

AND, here is my QP!

(image is linked for easy downloading)

That's it for me this week!  I hope you enjoy!

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