Monday, September 16, 2013

June 2013 Layouts

Still working on getting the blog caught up .. I'm up to the end of June so far.  Here are the layouts I made in June!  And, btw .. I just placed an order for Jacob's 2nd and 3rd scrapbook from shutterfly ... I'm only up to July 2008 and he was born in May of that year!  I am not even scrapping every single photo I took of him .. just the good ones.  I guess it's true that there are just way more photos of the first child.  Poor Henry.  lol

 photo Wedding3_wm_zpsf4ebf1de.jpg  photo WhiteSpaceChallenge_wm_zps8c3d3983.jpg  photo Wedding2_wm_zps4a443450.jpg  photo Wedding1_wm_zpsd0482f07.jpg  photo QuoteChallenge_wm_zpsd9d397ed.jpg  photo JournalingChallenge1_zpsaf71c6b5.jpg  photo JournalingChallenge2_zpsbde40032.jpg  photo JulyMiniKitChallenge_wm_zps841e6dac.jpg  photo JulyColorChallenge_wm_zps240d41b7.jpg  photo JournalingChallenge3_wm_zps93ecd624.jpg  photo Music-to-my-Ears-1_wm_zps6b9f550d.jpg  photo Jacob64_wm_zps73d3963c.jpg  photo Jacob63_wm_zps7ba05842.jpg  photo Jacob65_wm_zps031bfecb.jpg  photo FontChallenge_wm_zps44ceab79.jpg  photo Jacob42_wm_zps2f4954bb.jpg  photo ExtraCredit1_wm_zpsa0d21f8c.jpg  photo Jacob53_wm_zps4ce78d1d.jpg  photo Jacob54_STO_wm_zps03b1759c.jpg  photo Jacob56_wm_zps58268c4a.jpg  photo Jacob54_wm_zpse8a41f4a.jpg  photo Jacob57_wm_zpsf9c1cf8f.jpg  photo Jacob58_wm_zps173e5b90.jpg  photo ExtraCredit2_wm_zpscac1c4a3.jpg  photo Jacob59_wm_zps26ce9752.jpg  photo Jacob60_wm_zps75050001.jpg  photo Jacob45_wm_zps9ac46fba.jpg  photo Jacob61_wm_zpse75576e5.jpg  photo Jacob48_wm_zpsad10307e.jpg  photo Jacob62wm_zps41463985.jpg  photo ArtInspirationChallenge_wm_zpsc115c67a.jpg  photo Jacob49_wm_zps779e2b87.jpg  photo Jacob51_wm_zpsfc1f8d07.jpg  photo Jacob66_zps0e2978d9.jpg  photo Jacob50_zps9fb6453c.jpg  photo Jacob43_zps5eb5ade9.jpg  photo BYOChallenge_zps67c58aff.jpg  photo DailyScrapChallenge072213_zps4499458b.jpg  photo Jacob52_zpscfd723ad.jpg  photo ChangeitupTuesdayChallenge_zps9348cb38.jpg  photo Jacob44_zpsb31a59b3.jpg  photo ExtraCredit3_zps83ae983d.jpg  photo HappyCamper1_zps6a5f0b88.jpg  photo HappyCamper2_zpsd29c620b.jpg

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