Monday, September 16, 2013

March 2013 Layouts

Here is what I was up to in March (when I learned how to scrap) ... you will notice as I start posting more and more layouts here that they are improving, but ya know ... Rome wasn't built in a day people.  :)

 photo AubreeLeigh_wm_zps2a6bb8a2.jpg  photo babyboys_wm_zpsbc62a884.jpg  photo beyourself_wm_zpsf76c9474.jpg  photo Brothers1_wm_zpsb25db4a4.jpg  photo Easter1copy_wm_zps6364f529.jpg  photo firstsignsofspring_wm_zpsee1645a8.jpg  photo GrandIllumination_wm_zps1e61b369.jpg  photo Henrys1stYear_wm_zps07a5ba5f.jpg  photo Henry-Spring1_wm_zps84f4b031.jpg  photo Kitty1_wm_zpsaaf437f5.jpg  photo SpringMini_wm_zpsde118217.jpg  photo Spring1_wm_zps9a2f6777.jpg  photo Stpattysday_wm_zps0799e709.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2013-1_wm_zpsff21814d.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2013-2_wm_zpsbf5c3492.jpg  photo ValentinesDay2013-3_wm_zps0b883de8.jpg  photo Williamsburg-1_wm_zps8352269f.jpg

Thanks for looking!  I'll be posting April's layouts soon! :)

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