Monday, September 16, 2013

May 2013 Layouts

Happy August everyone!  Can't believe there is only one month left in our summer vacation ... it went by way too quickly. :(  I'm STILL working on getting caught up, so here are the layouts I made back in May.  They're better then the month before, but no where near as good as the ones I've done recently.  Regardless they're a great way to preserve our family's memories.  Have a little look and I hope you have a great rest of your evening! :)

 photo Jacob22_wm_zps930fd6da.jpg  photo Jacob21_wm_zps1db7ba9f.jpg  photo Jacob18_wm_zpsbb97328f.jpg  photo JournalingChallenge_wm_zps58eb5caf.jpg  photo QuoteChallenge_wm_zps3757e948.jpg  photo WhiteSpaceChallenge_wm_zpsea56c4d0.jpg  photo Sisters_wm_zpsf4651122.jpg  photo Jacob20_wm_zps2760fe93.jpg  photo Jacob17_wm_zps497659e2.jpg  photo Jacob19_wm_zps5ac41d2b.jpg  photo Jacob15_wm_zps2a734434.jpg  photo Jacob14_wm_zpse5635ced.jpg  photo Jacob16wm_zps5ee854cb.jpg  photo Jacob12_wm_zps993979d7.jpg  photo Jacob13_wm_zps15e7c977.jpg  photo Jacob11_wm_zps67835008.jpg
 photo FBCover_wm_zps839635ce.jpg  photo MaySig_wm_zpsd1548385.jpg

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